Check if you Got Penalized by Manual Webspam

Manual Webspam Message on Google Webmaster Tools 300x71 Check if you Got Penalized by Manual Webspam

On 8th August at around 12:04 PM, Google’s distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts released
a news in a blog on Google webmaster central Blospot wherein he has stated about this very good facility of checking if your site got hit by Manual Webspam Team  or not?

In order to check this out you can login to your Google Webmaster Tools account and from there you need to “Manual Actions” link under “Search Traffic”, here either you should be able to see – No manual webspam actions found or something or should find “Partial Matches”.  On the other hand, in case of partial matches or any other manual webspam action please click on “Learn more” link to take an appropriate action. Generally in case of “Partial matches” it might be on part of user generated spamming, which you can easily fix. This can either be done by manually removing those spammy comments and suspending that user’s account or any other appropriate means.

If you get Partial match you need to also fix any issues which are not abiding by Google’s quality guidelines and then you need to request for reconsideration from Google.This is really a very big help to those who have been really hit hard by Google’s Panda updates are will ensure that the webmasters are now equipped with a tool to fight spam and duplicate content issues.

If you think you are one of the webmaster’s who got hit really hard they should really try this new feature and fix all their issues as soon as possible and bring up their site’s ranking again on Google. If you think that you might not be able to fix this then you can outsource this job to any good SEO specialist and get the job done.